Erica Fedewa

2.5-Month Trip Across 5 Countries in Europe

Alexandra was a big help planning my Solo 2.5 month trip across 5 countries in Europe. This is my first trip and it was great to have someone helping. I came to her with an idea of what route and cities I was interested but I wasn't sure the best order to see the cities, how many days to stay and the best type of transportation to use. She helped guide me through making my own unique itinerary. She included some cities I had not thought of. The pictures she included were gorgeous and sparked my passion for travel. She helped me find a cheap flight from Portugal to Italy. Her insight into airports fees saved me some money. So nice to have someone knowledgeable helping me. Thank you Alexandra.

Léonie Arnaud

Short trip to the Moselle Valley in Germany

I and my partner were thinking about taking a weekend trip to South-West Germany from Namur. We thought there were just way too many options and we did not know how and what to fit in our tight 3-day schedule. We just did not have the time and the patience to go through all the information we found.


I wanted to contact a travel agency but then I found Alexandra's website. I loved the website's design and I decided to contact her. We had a ca. 20 min long chat session where she asked a lot of questions, she wanted to find out exactly what we were looking for. That left very good impressions on me because she did not try to sell me anything, she was genuinely interested in our interests. 


Then we asked her to plan our trip. She suggested us to visit the Moselle Valley after she found out in our chat session that we love wine. We never heard of it before so we were a little bit unsure about it. She sent us a lot of information about the Moselle Valley and she convinced us to go there. She did a fantastic job! She gave us a lot of extra tips which turned out to be very useful. I will definitely book with her in the future!  À la prochaine!

Anita Friedrich

Norway in a Nutshell Tour

We got Alexandra's contact details from a mutual friend. Our friend told us that she has experience with booking trips to Norway. We sent her a request saying that we would like to do a comprehensive fjord tour starting from Oslo. She got back to us asking a lot of questions and she explained to us how she usually works.


At first, we were not sure if we would like to pay her a service fee for preparing an offer but we really appreciated the lot of information she provided us for free during our email correspondence and you could just tell she was very professional and most importantly not pushy. She sent us a link to these fjord tours (we found there this Norway in a nutshell tour) and we wanted to book it online on our own. Soon did we realize that it would take us a lot of time going through all the information there, checking all the activities and the itinerary of the tour seemed too complicated.


We decided then to book through her this tour, hotels and additional services. She spared us a lot of time and headache! It was really enjoyable to plan this trip with her. She sent us everything in English but she also speaks very good German and we had a chance to get to know her personality a little bit through our chats and conversations. 

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