Top 10 Travel Trends for 2019

Updated: Mar 1, 2019

In the last couple of years I have seen some travel trends emerging slowly in the travel market and by now it seems these new trends are taking the travel industry by storm. These new travel trends in 2019 are challenging the old practices we were used to and broaden our horizons.

I have picked below some of the most upcoming travel trends for 2019. I hope you will get some inspiration for your next travel trip and feel free to send me a request.

1. Personalized Travel

One size doesn't fit all! Selling pre-prepared product packages is just not the way to go in 2019. Travelers between the age of 20-35 are less impressed by old practices. When it comes to travel customer experience, personalized travel is the key today. When traveling, we do not want to feel tied to a specific itinerary and follow a tight schedule. It is exhausting and far not the best way to get the most out of our travel. We want to be able to spend as much time in a destination as we see it fit, not less and not more. We want to fit in the program activities that we do enjoy, eat when and where we want to eat. We want to be able to tailor our travel itinerary. We want FLEXIBILITY. When it comes to customer service in a travel agency or on a sightseeing tour, we appreciate if someone pays attention to our needs and interests and if someone shows enthusiasm in his work. We want PERSONAL TOUCH.

2. Under-The-Radar Destinations

The Plitvice Lakes, Croatia

Sometimes mass tourism is just taking the fun out of traveling. Have you ever waited for a long time to get into a museum or in a café? Have you ever had one of those "trying my patience" moments waiting somewhere? I'm sure you did. Not surprisingly more and more people are looking for lesser known destinations to avoid masses and to be able to truly enjoy getting away from the daily routines. These upcoming destinations have a lot of travel services and potentials when it comes to offering travelers an enjoyable travel experience. Some upcoming destinations in Europe are Budapest (Hungary), Montenegro, Croatia, Dresden (Germany), Moselle Valley (Germany), Colmar (France), Andros (Greece) and many more.

3. Traveling in Off-Season

The Louvre in Winter, Paris (France)

Traveling in off-season is becoming more popular. Why you should consider it? Some of the reasons are: flights to some destinations might be cheaper, accommodations cost less, you can avoid the crowds, waiting lines are shorter, restaurants are not full, more availability (on buses, trains, tours), you can meet more local people, you get a more authentic experience etc.

4. Get to Know Your Ancestors

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

Today home DNA tests are very popular. We want to know our origins and where we are coming from. In some cases, people get surprising results and want to track their ancestors. Especially Americans with European-ancestry are keen on following up their roots. According to the American Community Survey, the five largest self-reported European ancestry groups in the United States are German Americans (13.9%), Irish Americans (10.0%), English Americans (7.4%), Italian Americans (5.2%), and Polish Americans (3%), forming over a third of the total population.

5. Conscious and sustainable travel

Ecotourism in Thenmala, India

More travelers are considering their impact on the environment while traveling. Some of them have well-formed practices like always taking all your trash with you and not leaving it on a beach or on a hiking trail. Another easy way to be more environment-conscious is to research in advance if the tap-water is safe to drink in the country of destination. Then you can buy a bottle and fill it up more times instead of constantly buying plastic bottles in the supermarket. There is also a wide range of eco-friendly accommodation, from luxury hotels located by sustainable beaches to environmentally-friendly hostels. Costa Rica is one of the leading sustainable travel destinations!

6. Unconventional Accommodation

Hotel Montaña Mágica Lodge, Chile

Tourists nowadays are looking for some more personalized experience. Staying in big hotel chains just seem not to be enough anymore to get the "wow" impression out of the tourists. More and more people are booking unconventional accommodations to get a unique experience. If you go to Sweden, you can stay in Jukkasjarvi in the Ice Hotel. The hotel including the chairs and beds are made of natural ice and snow taken from the nearby. The hallways are decorated with ice art, which is designed by artists from all over the world. The Magic Mountain Lodge — in the middle of the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest is built to resemble a water-spewing volcano, and Chile's real-life Arenal Volcano can be seen from the hotel. Although staying in the Rainforest, you can use spa facilities like heated pool, cold, wet and dry sauna, relaxation room with infrared. Interesting to consider though: can people just watch you get undressed in one of those bubble hotels?

7. Female and Solo Travelers

The number of solo and women travelers has been increasing. More women are stepping out of their comfort zone and heading off on a solo vacation. A lot of travel agencies are noticing this trend and try to offer more services designed for this type of traveler. According to a study, 75% of cultural, adventure and culinary travelers are female. They are increasingly choosing a wellness vacation to cater to physical and emotional health as well as enjoy relaxation. Women are more likely to book journeys where they have an opportunity to develop new skills and passions. The biggest concern is safety. Travel companies can provide safety tips and share other female travelers' experiences with new customers.

8. Experience and Culinary Travel

Wine Tour in Tuscany, Italy

Authentic and exclusive experiences are in great demand. The focus from standard sightseeing tours where you can get to know the most visited attractions of a certain destination is shifting to more authentic sightseeing tours. There is an awakening desire among travelers to immerse in a new culture, get to know the local customs, to meet the locals and try out the local cuisine. More and more travel agencies are offering tours by locals, cooking classes, wine tours and experience tours like the Harry Potter Tours from London. With these types of tours, you will bring back home something unique. “If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.” – James Michener .

9. Technology is Revolutionizing Travel

The internet and smart technologies have revolutionized the travel industry. Hotels are bringing some of the best modern amenities into rooms, making stays as comfortable as possible for travelers, from keyless doors to television touch screens, integrated door monitoring systems, to some of the fastest Internet speeds. Upper House in Hong Kong Upper have some of the best views of Hong Kong, but the ultra modern rooms in the hotel come with motion sensor technology to ensure you are never bothered by housekeeping again.

10. The Impact of Social Media on Travel

The boom of social media has totally transformed the way we plan our trips and the way we travel. Travelers no longer rely on guidebooks compiled with out-of-date information or on maps. They have constant access to websites, online travel planning sites. They get inspired by seeing pictures on Instagram or Pinterest, watching travel vlogs in YouTube or reading travel blogs and articles on the internet. It was never easier to get travel tips, read reviews of other people and find unknown destinations. The importance of social media is proven by a recent survey that showed, 87% of Millenials on Facebook said they use the social media site for travel inspiration, while 20% use Twitter and Pinterest.

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