“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home.” - James Michener. Every traveller has their own definition of culture. Whether it has something to do with social customs and rituals or is admiring the local art, literature and architecture, the culture of a place can be what initially inspires you to travel.

Most liked Cultural Trip ideas and activities

Baking and Patisserie classes in Paris

One you travel to France you will inevitably fall in love with the cuisine. Cooking in France is an art form and a great way to socialize with others. If you want to learn more about the French, you will have to get to know their food culture better.


The French macarons are essential parts of the French Patisserie. You can learn how to master the art of making these delicious sweets in just 3 hours! 


We think it is a great opportunity to immerse into a culture by learning to cook their national foods. Not to mention that you can enjoy the pastries after the class with fellow students.


We offer you several cooking classes in different countries and we are more than happy to give you information on those classes.

Discover the joy of cooking, meeting people and enjoy the taste!


Castle tour in South-Germany

Germany has probably the best variety of amazing castles in Europe, from fairytale castles that stepped out from a book and inspire our imagination to massive fortresses. These iconic architectural wonders nestle among hillsides and mountains and dominate the landscape offering breathtaking views. They have a rich history and a lot of tales, ready to be discovered...


To peak your curiosity let us give you a short overview of a beloved tour starting from Munich and ending in Frankfurt that includes several eye-catching castles on the way and a step-back into German history:

- start your trip from Munich

- visit Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein Castle

- discover Füssen's old city centre and cobbled stone streets

- head to Hohenzollern Castle, the ancestral seat of the Hohenzollern dynasty which produced Prussian Kings and German Emperors. Take a guided tour of the castle

- drive to Lichtenstein Castle

- spend the night in Tübingen. The city is home to a prestigious university and many historical buildings

- take a view of Tübingen from Hohentübingen Castle

- drive to Heidelberg and on the way stop in Ludwigsburg and visit the baroque Ludwigsburg Residential Palace and the Gardens, the Fashion Museum in the palace's banquet hall

- head to Heidelberg, to a historical and romantic university town and wander around in the old city centre

- visit Heidelberg Castle and go to Mainz

- in Mainz check out the Cathedral, Schillerplatz and the city centre

- finish this small castle tour in Frankfurt am Main


This small castle tour can be extended as there are many other famous castles and palaces to visit in Germany. We can redesign the itinerary according to your interests and liking.



Harry Potter Studio Tour & Oxford Day Tour from London

Harry Potter became a mesmerizing phenomenon and today it is part of our millennial culture.  The books and films hooked many of us.


Take a magical full day excursion from London that combines a Warner Bros Studio Tour - The Making of Harry Potter with a trip to the historic city of Oxford


Discover the breathtaking sets (The Great Hall, the Forbidden Forest, Platform 

At the end of this fantastic excursion, you will get back to London, dropping off at your original pick up point. 
9¾ , Diagon Alley, the Potions Classroom, Memory Cabinet, Professor Umbridge's Office and many others)

After some free time in Oxford, drive to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, where you’ll begin your magical experience at The Making of Harry Potter.

This full-day tour begins in London heading to the historic university city of Oxford. Enjoy a guided walking tour among famous college buildings, cloisters and quadrangles and cobblestone squares (Bodleian Library, Radcliffe Camera, the Sheldonian Theatre, and selected colleges) After the guided tour, discover the city of Oxford in a guided tour.

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