Who am I?

What motivated me to start freelancing as a travel manager

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine


Welcome to my site! My name is Alexandra Mester, a young freelancer (working under the brand name Living Culture Travel) with more years of experience in international travel management and customer service. I am passionate about travelling, immersing in a new culture, finding little hidden gems here and there, learning foreign languages and about content writing, digital marketing and entrepreneurship to get the most out of my freelancing business.


I was born and raised in Hungary but I have also lived in Italy and Malta for shorter periods. Being a traveller myself, I learned also through my own experiences and I am happy to share my insights on travelling. 

I have been living in Germany for more years now and started working as a freelancer after being an employee here for 2 years.


Previously in Hungary, I have been working for many years as a tour operator for an international travel company specialized in arranging trips for individual travellers (FIT) to Scandinavia and other parts of Europe. I speak fluently 4 languages and now I am learning German on a daily basis. My foreign language knowledge helps me to find the best deals and suppliers for my clients because I don't have to worry about the language barrier. 

When I had been working as an employee, I thought that personal attention to clients, innovation and self-improvement were simply missing from our daily work because of the workload we had.


I wanted to start my own freelancing business to share my expertise and experiences with future clients, offering tailor-made, personalized services. Now as a freelancer, I decide on the workload, on the attention that should be paid for each project, on the services I provide and on the suppliers I work together with.


On this website, I focus on the types of travel that I enjoy the most and where I have a lot of expertise: City Breaks, Culture Trips and Adventure Holidays, Wine Tours, Luxury Holidays, Scandinavia and Iceland. But I am also looking for opportunities to broaden my expertise so if you have other types of travel in mind, do not hesitate to contact me.


I want to share my passion for travel with all my clients and I want them to get really excited about travelling and learning about different countries and cultures. I would be happy to work with you as a travel manager or a travel content writer.


Please check below how you can benefit from my services.


Thanks to many travel websites like TripAdvisor and the internet, travelers became their own travel agents, so to say. But, for those of you who want to take the stress out of travel, end up saving a lot of time and get the most out of your trip I can offer you my expertise.

Find out more about how you can benefit from my services.


I am there for you throughout the consultation, preparing you an itinerary, the booking process and follow up afterwards.


Either you are on a business or on a culture trip, it is a special memory in your lifetime. The last thing a traveler should have to do is worry.  A travel consultant is vital in planning these special memories as he/she takes the worry off of you and let you focus solely on the exciting events, exploring a new destination and immersing in the local culture.


Imagine not having to looking for hours or even days for the best hotel deals, transportation, and excursions. You can get what you want without having to coordinate all of the details yourself. That can end up saving you a lot of time. Travel consultants create a custom itinerary, pulling together flights, transfers, accommodation, tours, visits, meals and exclusive visits based on your preferences—so you can spend your time on other things.


You have to take into account the numerous variables that are in play. A good travel agent spends time getting to know the client and so can make recommendations tailored to what you want to do. It is also very important to us to offer insight into your chosen destination. Not even mentioning that an experience traveler can offer you a firsthand advice.


Thanks to my more years experience working in the international travel industry, I have come to the conclusion one of the most important parts of arranging trips for our clients is to work with reliable and dedicated suppliers. When I am preparing you a quotation or an itinerary I am working with suppliers that I consider to be the best in the chosen destination.


Some examples: A travel agent can advise you where you can go to eat. Where you can access the nearest public transport. On when (and where) you’ll run into the worst crowds. Give you a heads-up on exchange rates and where to change your money. Plus, they can remind you about what you should wear when traveling to conservative countries or religious sites. They can advise you on travel visas, necessary vaccinations, etiquette, and the restrictions associated with your reservations.

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